Pocket Products

Pockets are installed into recessed openings called soffits and are used to hide a shade assembly and allow the fabric to drop straight out of the ceiling.

You can also use a recess closure in place of a pocket to simply cover an open soffit without installing a complete pocket.

Featured Products

  1. RollEase 4" Pocket Closure
    RollEase 4" Pocket Closure
    Wholesale Customers Only
  2. RollEase 5" Pocket Closure
    RollEase 5" Pocket Closure
    Wholesale Customers Only
  3. RollEase 5" Pocket
    RollEase 5" Pocket
    Wholesale Customers Only
  4. RollEase 6" Pocket
    RollEase 6" Pocket
    Wholesale Customers Only

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